2022Day024: Keep Calm

2022Day024: I'm proud of many of my abilities, but one of my greatest along my journey is the ability to Keep Calm and make sound decisions when there is chaos all around me. It takes a great deal of discipline and patience that many people don't have. It has never been easy for me. Sometimes I think that the only way to understand is to be a person who has gone through tough times, trauma, near death experiences or other instances of those life extremes. When you're able to reach this Calm state of mind, it brings a sense of peace about you as you navigate through tough situations. It's totally weird to others observing you. It's not normal, but  it's needed.I'm grateful to have made it to this stage of my life where I can keep calm and be at peace in just about any situation, I can navigate with a sound mind and I gget more positive results.

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