2022Day014: I appreciate the little things. They keep me lifted. One of my little students emailed a nice note to me today.

"Dear My Teacher, Mr. Robinson I’ve really enjoyed your class this week. My favorite thing we’ve done was work in partners and completing our principles of art poster. Our class is really funny and it’s one of my favorite classes. Art seems calming when we’re in your class. Thank you for showing us a good time in your class."

It came right on time while I was frustrated from a rough day. Many times we get caught up in work and all the frustrations of the day and forget to stop and appreciate the little things. I love those little happy moments, those small wins and the little positive pick-me-ups here and there. When you're a true follower of peace, you may miss a few, but you usually are able to catch those small moments and get that boost of energy or positivity that you need. My student reminded me today to do more of that and bounce that positive bibe back around my class to keep my students lifted too. I want to take that same energy and thought process around other areas of my life too. I'm challenging myself and others around me to learn more to appreciate the little things that so many of us overlook. Let's make 2022 a positive 365. 

#bolofresche #365DaysPositive