The supadopefresh(tm) Podcast show is a weekly podcast with Deblak (Digital Media Specialist, Entrepreneur, Artist, Producer, Emcee) and his brother, Bolo Fresche (Community Activist, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Artist, Bboy) targeting their combined social media presence of over 50,000 followers. 

Deblak and Bolo Fresche’s audiences have been looking for more opportunity to tell their stories and shed light on their many talents. For their audience, the supadopefresh show bridges the gap between the real world and the hip hop culture, exposing truths behind the struggles and triumphs of their friends and celebrities across the culture. We focus on the following four core elements of hip hop; DJs, Breakers, Emcees, and Art / Graffiti.

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Group: No Unicorns in Decatur @nounicornsindecatur
Album: supadopefresh(tm) Instrumentals Vol 01
Song: Home Boys Only


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