2022Day015: I was just thinking back to the start of our 1st podcast. We've taken Supadopefresh from just a basic clothing company, to a hiphop events and promotions company, to a multi-layered company without limits. It has been difficult to get others to see the vision, but we've pushed forward and have had some great episodes with some amazing people. It's been great to be able to get their stories out and maybe help and motivate others walking in their footsteps. We've purposely had a mix of more well known celebrities to the average person connected with us through hiphop. Everyone has a story, not just celebrities and others in the big spotlight, and we aim to tell those stories for our audience. Heading into 2022, we've started planning and working to finish season 2 and continue building momentum. We now have two other shows and working on more. it's a blessing to be able to continue to grow our network and our net worth. I'm hoping others can see how we move. We don't just keep dreaming about what we want to do. True visionaries make a plan and start working on it without worrying about anyone supporting us or believing in us. e're truely grateful for what we have accomplished so far and excited for the future. Stay Tuned.

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