2022Day018: I had random thoughts of my mother today. I often apologize to her for trouble, headaches and heartaches I caused in my youth. A few years ago, I wrote here a note on Mother's Day.

"Momma I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble. I know I was(I'm still) your worst one. I'm sorry I've caused heartache and tears. Most people don't know how I used to be because I've change so much and it's mostly because you've been the angel watching over me. Thanks for guiding me all these years, getting on my case when I was wrong, getting that switch when I needed correction, but Never giving up on me and Always believing in me. You've always been a positive change agent for the community and we've all grown to be better because of you. Mothers Day is never one day for me, it's Every day."  

I'm very appreciative to those who have greatly influenced my life and poured positivitiy in me when I couldn't find it in myself. I want to make sure I give them their flowers while they are still around. It's a blessing to have great people around you who are willing to sacrifice for you, believe in you and push you towards greatness. Now that I've made changes in my life to get to the positive path that she knew I could get to, I feel it's my duty to be a champion for kids like my mom has always been for me.

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