2022Day019 - Who Am I??

2022Day019: Who Am I?? Ask yourself this question and keep it real with your answer. I have random thoughts and deep life questions often and this one popped in my head on this day. So I took a deep dive into my life to examin who I really am. I always say "I am Love", but am I really? I feel like I couldn't just say that if I was just positive and loving in the last couple years. To say "I Am Love" or whatever you claim to be, you have to have some history. I look back at the last five years, last ten years, fifteen, and more.  So I feel like I've been pretty consistent in doing what I do for 25+ years. Never for show, but just to spread love to family, kids and communities everywhere I go. I post about things in the past few years just because everyone's lives are on social media. So if you want to know about me, this is what it is. Nothing glamorous, maybe not exciting to many, but I Am Love and that is all I have for the world. When you see me online, that's what it is and when you see me in person and off camera, I'm still that same guy. I guess those who have been around me since way back know how I operate, but some of my people probably think I just started. Time goes by and I don't really think about it until rare momements like this when I have a deep life examining thought. Only then do I sit back and feel pretty good about my life choices. I don't really think about it as a bragg or pat on the back, because it's really just having basic human decency. I just have a couple proud thoughts as I think back on those who taugh and guided me, and exciting thoughts of the blessings to come as I continue living a loving life. I Am Love. 

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