2022Day020: What's MOST Important to you out of Everything?

2022Day020: Someone once asked "What's MOST Important to you out of Everything?"
So I often selfcheck to see if I'm doing everything I can to reach that Peace.  I'm constantly and consistantly working on it, cleansing my mind, cleansing my body, getting to tip top shape, getting closer in my relationship with god, bonding with more positive people, moving away from negative people.... the list goes on. It's not a quick fix, but Peace is always reachable and attainable. I just have to be Willing to make the Necessary Sacrifices to reach it. It's tough and not the popular route to take, but it's the one for me. I'm far enough down this road to know I'm past to point of no return, so I might as well keep going and enjoy every bit of it. It's odd to the average person to see someone live at peace. I doesn't look normal to the average eye, but it feels great to me. I know it when I see it in an individual and I'm instantly drawn to them. I'm thankful for all those who share peaceful vibes with me. It's hard to find sometimes in this crazy world and every second of peace is a blessing to me. So I continue on my journey, alone if I have to, and I'm loving every step of the way.
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