2022Day023: Do What You Love

2022Day023: I often say that "I Do What I Love & Love What I do". And that is exactly what I do. When you live so free like that, it is just a great feeling and it's fun. I know it seems odd to many people when they see me do some of the crazy things I do at my age. I still do breakdance, still into fitness, host podcast shows, my travel adventures and all kids of other things that guys my age have let go. But to me, it's no different than a martial arts master still cracking skulls or an NFL quarterback still winning at 44yrs old. When you feel like you're a winner at what you love and what you do, you will give it all you've got until you're forced to stop. Maybe the reason others stop doing some things early because they're really just doing what they like or have talent in doing, but do not really love it. When you love what you do, you just cant' beat the feeling and you don't ever want to leave it. I just happen to have many things that I love to do and they are so much fun to do. Life is good. If it ain't, find what you love and get to doing it ASAP.

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