2022Day026: Give Freely

2022Day026: I was thinking of the financial side of things yesterday. The thought that I should never prosper by myself was the focus. I want to Always stay humble and Give Freely as I continue to grow financially. There is always someone or a few individuals along our financial journey who have helped us on the way and I think it's very important to do the same for others and give of my increase. I make sure it's never for show or reward when I give, but only out of love. The people who haven't taken the time to get to know me may not know that about me because they'll usually not hear about it. I was studying the "good book" and reading passages about giving to God the first of your increase. I know most people would say that's in tithes or offerings but I feel like there another part to it. I never want to walk past my brother or neighbor in need to go and give somewhere else. I see many people who give lots to charities and fundraisers, maybe not for the right reasons, and will have someone close to them Really in need. So I examine myself and pray that I never overlook anyone when I Know that may be the person God has directed me to bless. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's where I'm at and I've been really blessed from operating that way and have never asked anything in return for doing it. So I challenge my peeps when their out shining and "balling" to think of the kid next door or the family down the street, think of you sibling or parent. Don't look past them to give to the place where you would be recognized and rewarded, give where love would send you teach the youth to do the same. And watch how blessed your family and community will be when there are multiple people spreading love together. #bolofresche #365DaysPositive #8robinsons #rootedinlove