2022Day032: BBoying

2022Day032: Bboying(breakdancing) is great for me as I'm continuing to work on flexibility in my workouts. I want to be that old man one day with great mobility just like the old kung fu masters. I'm just as flexible as I was when I was 19 & 20yrs old... maybe more. I'm feeling good with my fitness goals and I love to make my workouts fun. I've been bboyingfor a good while and it's one of the best core, flexibility & cardio training tools you can use... and a ton more fun than others. Sometimes I forget my age because I do so much that people half my age can't do. I feel great in my mobility and I'm countinuousely working on improving myself. I've never been the best, but I don't mind working hard. Hopefully I can continue to inspire kids to never stop working. If what you're doing is positive, enhances your life or others around you and Fun... Never Stop. #cantstopwontstop
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