2022Day041: Have Fun and Live

2022Day041: I know I get serious on most posts, but one of my major goals, besides peace & love, is just to simply have fun and live. I have so much fun daily as I'm doing things others thought I'd never be able to do. I live free and live well. I stay stress free and create the path that I choose to walk. I keep myself surrounded with super humans who understand how to truely have fun and Live. We create great memories daily and have fun building a legacy for the kids who follow behind us. I laugh as much as possible and if I have any tears, I make sure they're tears of joy. No use wasting them on anything else. If you knew how much fun it is to let go of unnecessary stress and just live, you'd do it. You'd feel great daily and probably add some years to your life. you only get one life. Might as well live it well.

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