2022Day042: Spending Time Alone

2022Day42: Spending time alone is theraputic to me. Some people love it, others iterpret it as loneliness. A couple students were telling me today that whales were lonely creatures. I asked "why do you see them as lonely?". They said because "they're always by themselves", which is what many other people would say too. I see them as supreme beings, who don't need to be in a school, in the mix or in the crowd all the time. Like some humans, there are some beings who don't need to ride the waves with everyone. Their minds go way deeper and they operate in a different lane. We all know those people and animals. They do their thing and don't really bother others. As a thinker, creator and visionary, I spend lots of time alone working through my thoughts. Before I do something, I've thought about everything noone else would think of and why they wouldn't think it. There are a million creative thoughts going all the time. I'm seeing things I might do in ten years. This type of mind needs time and space... away from distractions. If you're one of those people, you know this to be factual. You know the frustration you get if you don't get that time and space. I know it's just nature fo individuals to want others to think like them and operate like them, but that just can't happen. Some of us are like whales. We have a few individuals we communicate with, we stay out of the spotlight and we live a free life. We're misunderstood and our actions are misinterpreted. If you took the time to really understand us, you'd figure out that life is good. You're stressing about that whale, while they're living it up on an full and free life.

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