2022Day043: The Lost Art of Listenting

2022Day043: I wish I could get people to understand "the Lost Art of Listening". Sometimes it's good to sit & talk with someone older who can drop some knowledge on you. I was looking back at some memories today and came across the thought that as often as I can, I try to talk with my Popz(The O.G.) & my Momz(The Oracle). They've always got something to say that I learn from, even if we're just sitting there clowning and laughing. I always leave with some words that I can give to the next person and it helps their lives. Many of us know everything now and don't look to the knowledge and wisdom of the elders. We miss so much positivity and life changing words when we negate to listen and learn from those who have already lived. So now I challenge everyone to sit and chat with as many elders as you can and learn as much as you can. Stop learning everything from the media & internet and go back to the original influencers. My life is so blessed because I am one of the few who understands "The Lost Art of Listening".

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