2022Day046: Teach Them Young

2022Day046: In my family, we "Teach Them Young". We make sure that every kid in our family has an opportunity to learn the same skills we have at an early age and have the ability to take that knowledge and skill further if they choose. I've completed many murals for clients and have always brought the kids in on the job when I could. They've been able to get experience that other kids might not ever get and make a little adult money with me. I love to see their expressions when they help out and later see the final product. It's a great confidence booster and sense of accomplishment for a young kid to be able to help paint a high school stadium mural and be able to say to their friends at that high school game years later- "I did that". It's a great feeling to me and my siblings to show the kids video and photos, as they've grown older, of us teaching them art, media and design techniques since they were in elementary school age. it also gives them the poser to start entrepreneurship and create sustainable income early in life. They then have the confidence to become fearless creators and continue the family legacy.

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