2022Day047: Make the choice to feel good

2022Day047: Make the choice to feel good every day. This is what I choose and I know others disagree and feel like when it's a "bad day", it's a bad day. I just can't subscribe to that.  I tell my students they may never know if I had a rough morning or bad day, because I make the choice to come in, feel good and treat them with the same love Every day. If I have something that upsets me or angers me, I just take care of it and keep moving forward without taking it out on others. It makes the world around me better for everyone. I know some people don't think they can do it and that is perfectly fine. I just stay away from them and surround myself with others who make the choice to feel good every day. I purposely surround myself with positivity daily and continue to energize myself. I still spread love to those who don't and am willing to share my positive energy with them. I choose to feel good every day, I choose to grow and I choose to glow with positive energy. I wish I could give you this feeling.

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