2022Day051: Be Humble

2022Day051: Learn to be humble and your growth will amaze you. I was porch sitting a while back and saw a carpenter bee. I took a swipe at it and it took a barrel role. dodged my hand, stopped on a still hover and just looked at me. At that moment, I knew I had lost that battle. I was quickly humbled and amazed by the tiniest creature. I thought if most tiny creatures were a little bit bigger, we'd be in big trouble at the top of the food chain. Then I took that as a life lesson though. I though of how I tried to be big and tough for so long and it didn't work out for me and I really didn't need to be so big. If I could just humble myself and grow a little each day in my thoughts, skills and actions, I'd become the person I wanted to be. I started just working on the little things, life started to change faster, tough situations got easier and I became a powerful individual. I'm always grateful for these life lessons as I go along my journey and hope I can continue to take losses as lessons for growth. I'm never to big to learn and that's why I continue to grow.

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