2022Day052: Remove Unnecessary Stress

2022Day052: Do what you love, no matter what it takes or how long it takes to get to it. A FB memory popped up from 2012 and reminded me of what I’ve been through and where I’m aiming to go. So when I reach success, and I haven’t reached it yet, you won’t think it’s some instant thing. I’ve been working at it for a LONG time. "Excited to tell all my peeps that I've decided I'm leaving the job teaching at NPHS at the end of the school year. Turned in my resignation papers last week and can feel the freedom and stress relief already. I'll still continue to work with the kids in my community and do positive things but got some bigger goals for this 365 and have to remove ALL unnecessary stress from my life starting with teaching in the county I live in which is really not about the kids any more. Family and kids will always come first for me and I don't think I can work with anyone who doesn't believe the same. Don't know if I'll teach in another system around Atlanta, go full business or what, but just excited with all the possibilities and options I have. Love all my kids and hope all my peeps support as my masterplan to takeover the world continues lol. So my previous question was: What are you willing to sacrifice for success? Me- Everything, if it will get me closer to doing what I love." So when you see me out doing the www.supadopefresh.com thing or whatever else I do, be sure to support because I'm willing to give it all up to show the kids that nothing in life should hold you back from turning your dreams to reality." I said that. I meant it. Stay Tuned for more. 
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