2022Day055: The Freedom to Create

2022Day055: Freedom is essential to a true creator. I love the feeling of coming up with a "what if?" idea and taking the next step to "why not?". I look back at all the greatest creative minds recorded in history and I can just feel how many people doubted their ideas, but after that "what if?" and fighting through everyone else's negative thoughts, they probably said "why not?". The moment when the freedom is unlocked is when you stop worrying about what everyone else has to say and you just have fun creating. I bought a mustang a few years back and it looked kind of regular and similar to a couple more in my area. So I thought, "What if I painted it?".  I always loved the graffiti, graphic styles and I wanted to represent African colors. I held off from doing it for a while, because I had all the thoughts of others not liking it and someone having their negative opinions and for the fact that the car is pretty expensive to risk messing up. I'm just that daring of a creator that my "why not?" moment usually happpens anyways. So I decided to paint it on my own, instead of going to an auto shop, because I wanted to have full creative freedom. It took me a couple weeks and my neighbors probably thought I was crazy as they drove by the house, but, most true creators are usually looked at as crazy anyways. It was an idea like no other, it stands out in the streets, kids think it's a giant Hot Wheels car and was so much fun going through the process. I love that feeling of freedom and I wish I could give it to others.

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