2022Day056: Make Moves with Others

2022Day056: If you want to make moves, find other people who are moving. They probably will be able to help you figure out how to get to you destination. Too many times in life, I see people trying to figure eveything out on their own. I find that aligning myself with other visionaries, who are making moves, helps us all get to where we are going easier. We are able eto help each other with our individual talents and skillsets. I'm thankful for the extraordinary individuals I'm connected with. We have different visions, but we are able to come together often to help each other in our individual positive movements. Nobody has to figure it out alone. There is always someone who knows what you need to know. There is always someone who has been where you are headed. Seek their knowledge and offer yours whenever you can. Offer yours whenever you find another individual making moves. Enjoy the journey.

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