2022Day40: Peace

2022Day40: Maybe I work so much with kids because they give me peace.... that age where they have not yet learned to be ugly, hateful or negative(Just true beautiful angels). When I'm down sometimes, I just think of some of the coolest kids I've known or all the good times I've had with my sibs' kids. If us grownups could just take our minds to early childhood years, before we learned all our hate and negativity, the planet would be a beautiful place full of peace. It's hard for most people to do as we get set in our ways, but I promise you'd be a better person if you were able to just go back every now and then. I try to keep as much of that early pure mind in tact as I walk along this adult journey, surrounded by negativity and hate, and give as much positive peace to the world as I can. I'm thankful for all the cool kids who have crossed my path and reminded of that pure peace I once had and inspired me of where I can easily find it.

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