2022Day029: Be Consistent

2022Day029: I make it a point to stay consistent in my actions. I've been spreading love and working with kids for a long time. We've traveled all over the place with family and with "HBO Crew" and brought many other kids with us from state to state. I've been able, in recent years, to travel to other countries and sponsor hiphop events for kids. I know most of my people think I just started working with kids since I'm in the spotight a little more now. Truth is just about everything I do envolves teaching, supporting or mentoring the youth in whatever community I'm in. It's been well over twenty years, still doing what I do and still loving it. I hope those around me can appreciate the consistency and translate it to sincerity. I've seen so many of these kids grow up into productive adults and have lives and families now. It's a beautiful thing to have worked with kids long enough to wat their lives develope in front of you. I'm hoping some of them with do the same for others one day. Give freely, spread love and support positive movements. It's the only way for me. I'm not the best, but I'm consistent and my love and passion for working with the youth never changes.

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