2022Day013 - Be a positive influence for the youth

2022Day013: #tbt and I was just looking back at some photos and thinking of how long I've been doing what I do. I've spent almost twenty years traveling and spreading love into communities through hiphop. It's not something that the average guy does and it has come with it's challenges, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything. It's a blessing to be able to to be a positive influence for kids around the globe for so many years. I've seen so many come and go as they face some of the adversity that comes with the life. So I really appreciate those who are still rolling with me, those who still support my efforts and those who have paved the way for me. I've been slowed down a little the past couple of years dealing with the pandemic, but plans to get back going strong are looking good for this year. I encourage and challenge others to be a positive influence to the youth in any way that you can. Maybe you dont breakdance, rap or any of the crazy things I do, but eveyone can spread love and positivity in their own unique way. 

photography: Brian Merwin

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